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ESET Mail Security

Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server

Antivirus | Antispyware | Antispam

Fast, light and effective messaging security

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server gives you fast, light, and accurate proactive protection for email traffic and mail store. ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server protects against trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, phishing, spam and other attacks on Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 to 2013 and Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 to 2011. Our antispam technology uses several complementary processes to ensure total email protection and is configurable using global or mailbox-specific rules. It supports 32- and 64-bit Windows and virtualized environments with quick installation and easy administration.



Proactive malware protection

Get zero-hour protection for email traffic, mailboxes, and host server against malware such as viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, and adware with ESET’s awarding-winning ThreatSense® heuristics engine.

Advanced antispam

Stop spam and phishing messages with high interception rates and precise control, reducing employee inbox clutter and productivity loss.

Centralized management

Manage ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server with the same Remote Administrator console used to administer all multiple-platform endpoints, so everything can be monitored from one screen.

Trouble-free installation and setup

Install and configure in minutes in one smooth operation facilitated by automatic Exchange folder detection and exclusion set-up.  


Download ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server, product documentation, archive products and see the changelogs.

Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

ESET Mail Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris

Discover ESET System Capabilities

ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris, version 4 offers lightweight yet powerful protection for heavy-duty mail servers based on the Unix platform. This product features ThreatSense®, the industry’s most accurate proactive technology for detecting all types of malware. ESET Mail Security delivers both on-demand and on-access real-time protection from known and unknown viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other internet threats. Included spam filter offers multiple, simultaneous filtering methods to provide effective detection and excellent protection. Version 4 also expands mail security coverage to include support for Novell GroupWise collaboration software, making it even easier for IT administrators to protect all Unix based mail services with one single product.

Key Benefits

Effective Spam Filter – Prevent unwanted mail from entering your system and effective spam protection applies multiple methods simultaneously to achieve excellent detection rate. Easy to Manage – Intuitive, web-based administration interface allows user-friendly configuration, administration and license management of single server. Efficient and Timely Updates – Extremely compact updates from ESET’s Virus Lab apply automatically to deliver the most current protection without impacting your network or system resources.


Download ESET Mail Security for Linux / BSD / Solaris, product documentation, archive products and see the changelogs.

NOD32 Antivirus for Kerio Connect

ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Kerio Connect

System Capabilities

Kerio Connect (formerly Kerio Mail Server) offers cross-platform collaboration and robust e-mail security. ESET’s solution stops malware in its tracks — filtering infections before they enter your network, securing every inbox across all your company’s email protocols.

Key Benefits

Remote Management – ESET Remote Administrator enables update downloads from a local mirror server and the ability to easily configure all your workstations, maximizing your valuable IT resources. Server-as-client Protection – The solution contains all tools and features for fully-fledged server protection, including the resident shield and on-demand scanner. Effective Memory Management – All scanning tasks are served by a single ThreatSense@ engine, significantly reducing system load.  

Key Features

Broad Platform Support – ESET security solution for Kerio Connect supports all common Windows and Linux operating systems. ThreatSense® Scanning Engine – Works smoothly and quietly in the background, meaning the server can effectively allocate system resources without undue lag. Self-Defense – Prevents malware from disabling or modifying the server’s security status (Windows version). Customizable Scan – All scanning and update tasks are carried out the way you want them to be, without any negative impact on server availability.


Download ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Kerio Connect, product documentation, archive products and see the changelogs. Documentation: User Guide / Installation Manual