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ESET Endpoint Antivirus for Business

Superior Antivirus for Your Business V6

Designed to support networks large and small, ESET Business Solutions offer a full range of protection for your endpoints, file servers, mail, mobile, and gateway security and it all under a new central management console.


Ultra strong two-factor authentication without the extra hardware keeps your cost down.


Keep both your company and your customer’s data secured using ESET’s state-of-the-art encryption solutions. ESET REMOTE ADMINISTRATOR Easily manage security on your company network from a single location. Give access to the owner and IT administrator.


When your growing business needs more robust protection – let us get you started with the small office security protection that offers convenient centralized management of your workstations, file server and mobile devices.
  • 5PC/Mac + 5 Androids + 1 File Server $149.99 for 1 yr or $224.99 for 2 yrs
  • 10PC/Mac + 5 Androids + 1 File Server $249.99 for 1 yr or $324.99 for 2 yrs
  • 15PC/Mac + 5 Androids + 1 File Server $329.99 for 1 yr or $399.99 for 2 yrs
Also available WITHOUT the File Server under MULTI-DEVICE SECURITY
  • 3PC/Mac + 5 Androids  $84.99 for 1 yr or $129.99 for 2 yrs
  • 5PC/Mac + 5 Androids  $99.99 for 1 yr or $149.99 for 2 yrs

 All products and services in the business line:

ESET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS for 25 seats and above
  • ESET Endpoint Protection Standard
  • ESET Endpoint Protection Advanced
  • ESET Secure Business
  • ESET Secure Enterprise

Contact us for special pricing for gov and edu!

  • Windows – ESET Endpoint Security
  • Mac OS X – ESET Endpoint Security for OS X
  • VM – ESET Shared Local Cache
  • ESET Remote Administrator Server
  • ESET Remote Administrator Console
  • ESET Remote Administrator API
  • ESET Secure Authentication
  • ESET Secure Authentication SDK
ESET Mobile Security
  • ESET Endpoint Security for Android
ESET Mail Security ( Windows | Linux | Lotus | Kerio )
  • Windows – ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Linux – ESET Mail Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris
  • Lotus – ESET Mail Security for IBM Lotus Domino
  • Kerio – ESET Security for Kerio
ESET File Security ( Windows & Linux )
  • ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server
  • ESET File Security for Microsoft Windows Server Core
  • Linux/BSD/Solaris – ESET File Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris
  • VM – ESET Shared Local Cache
Gateway Security ( Linux & Kerio )
  • ESET Security for Kerio
  • ESET Gateway Security for Linux/BSD/Solaris
Collaboration ( SharePoint )
  • ESET Security for Microsoft SharePoint Server