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ESET NOD32 Antivirus – Version 8.0

The most advanced antivirus and antispyware technology is ESET NOD32 AntiVirus that is proactive protection against viruses, worms, hackers, trojans, and other cyber threats and it is light and fast.

ESET Smart Security V8.0

ESET Smart Security 8.0 is a best of breed security product provides you the protection of our antivirus product while adding an intelligent firewall, parental controls and advanced antispam technology. Included is Internet Security training.

ESET CyberSecurity for Mac

Your Mac can become a carrier of Mac and Windows viruses and other malware that spreads to your friends and family. Be protected against MacDefender with this clean and smart product than runs unnoticed in the background.


The word on the street . . .

A number of years ago, I experienced a loss of data due to a virus
on my computer. To recover from the attack, I hired a computer company
(local and self -owned) to build a new desktop computer system. The owner
of the shop recommended a quad running on a 64-bit connection. At that
time, the “main stream” virus programs that I had previously used did not
operate on 64-bit systems. The owner of the company recommended Better
Antivirus informing me, anyone running ESET program never called upon his
services to repair virus issues.

Upon my initial contact with Better Antivirus, I learned that they
were one of the few companies offering protection to 64-bit systems and
since I was a graduate student, I would receive a price break. What a
sterling endorsement — Saving money and getting the best antivirus
protection, this was the plan for me.

I purchased a laptop, contacted Better Antivirus, and signed up
for a second computer on the same plan. No longer a student, I was able to
receive a decreased price for both machines as an instructor in my field of
study. I recommend www.Betterantivirus.com to any persons getting a new
system or updating their security programs.

The security provided by the program is equaled by the
professional customer service. I did experience difficult with access codes
and passwords to get the program to reflect the correct subscription end
date. I telephoned Better Antivirus and spoke with Dianne. Dianne quickly
diagnosed my issues, corrected the problem then sold and installed a second
product on my new laptop. It has been a number of years since my first
purchase and I remain completely satisfied.

Thank you…

Bill Wagner
Milton, Florida


ESET Mobile Security

Built with the award-winning NOD32 technology that protects your Android, Windows Mobile® or Symbian® smartphone from cyber threats, spam and security breaches all in the palm of your hand.

June 2014 – 86th VB100 award…

NOD32 wins VB100 award again in June 2014 - the 86th!
June 2014 and ESET wins another VB100 Award – the 86th VB100 award – an accomplishment that no other company has even come close to managing!

ESET, the leader in proactive threat protection, today announced that it has captured a record 86th VB100 award from Virus Bulletin, the widely-respected independent comparative testing group. June’s report focused on the Windows Server 2012 platform. Of the 29 products participating, only 24 passed the test and were awarded the coveted VB100. Companies or products which did not pass muster included Commthouc (formerly Authentium), Fortinet, Kingsoft, Maya PremiumAV and MSecure for various reasons.

Individuals & Organizations Running Windows Server 2012 and other Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems within their home or offices can confidently protect their systems with ESET for Windows Servers!


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