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We offer Computer tuneups for your slow PCs

Don't put up with poor performance, let our techs make your PC much faster and more stable.

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Computer Tuneups

Remote Computer Support Services for Home Users

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Advanced Tune Up Service
This program is recommended for any computer that is 2+ years old.


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Computer Security Solutions’ offers Remote Computer Support Services saves you time
– most computer repair shops require you to bring in your computer and leave it with them. We access your computer wherever you are. This makes our work easier, faster and cheaper – plus, you save gas (and the planet)!
Recommended for all computers running 2+ years
  • Adjustment to your computer’s system settings for a faster and smoother starts, with a focus on everyday performance
  • Update your PC with the most recent updates to guard against security threats
  • Hard drive data and Registry Clean up
  • Network + Browser Optimizations
Additionally, we clean UP your computer and clean OUT the programs that are not working or are outdated. Update software programs and make sure your virus definitions are updated. We also install and run a neat cleanup program, which you can run yourself periodically. We also kick off any windows updates and educate you on what you need to know to keep your computer running smoothly.
You can watch us work if you want
Service is performed by us remotely logging into your computer. Our basic service is performed in 45-90 minutes) If we find a few items in your computer that need to be updated or the service time ends up taking more than the 90 minutes, you will be charged an Additional Tuneup Time Service fee which is $20.00 more.
Watch while we work
– Feeling a bit insecure about what they are doing with your files of important documents and personal photos? Don’t worry as you are free to watch us work on your machine! We are open and transparent about all our work.