ESET NOD32 and Testimonials

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Great transaction, smooth. 5 out of 5!

Oliver Gaude

Hi Greg! Please feel free to pass this around your organization. I called ESET (Computer Security Solutions) yesterday to inquire about a security software package and to get some technical help to resolve a problem I was having deleting a malware file. I have Norton security software and had contacted them earlier to get help, but all I got was someone in the Philippines who did not speak English very well, and she wanted to sell me a $99 package to remove the malware. After 15 minutes of trying to interpret her solutions I hung up. I would not have had Norton on my computer if my IT resource, who has guided me with regard to what security software to use, had been available to advise me when my contract with Trend expired. By the time he called me back and told me to buy ESET I had already purchased Norton. I spoke with Dianne in sales and she connected me with Greg in technical support so he could listen to what my problem was, and then advise me as to what I should do. Just having someone I could understand and communicate with was reassuring. He put together an email with a simple step-by-step process for me to follow and sent it to me, plus he talked with me at length about the various ways I might find to delete the pesky PUP file I was dealing with. I bought and downloaded ESET, dumped Norton, installed ESET and scanned my computer. It found 17 files that were suspicious, cleaned 10 of them, and then offered me the opportunity to clean or delete the other 7. I deleted those files and ran an anti-malware software scan that Greg recommended and eliminated that PUP that I couldn

Gerry Wright
Canton, Michigan

Over the past ten years, ESET has achieved 56 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards, more than any other vendor. In this most recent Comparative Review, not a single miss or false positive gives ESET another perfect score, and NOD32

John Hawes
Virus Bulletin

Once ESET is configured and deployed it requires little to no maintenance. It runs quietly in the background and does its job well.

Techvalidate: 6EE-4FA-3E9

Dave Gossett, IT Director
VIP Midsouth

Thanks for being so patient throughout the whole process [with your phone support]. Great help. I'm very pleased.

Edward Bacsik
Cambridge, WI

Security is now one of the top three issues at almost every organization around the world, including at an individual level where identity thefts have increased rapidly over the past few months. Vendors that are building their success strategy based on the four pillars of strength, mainly the 4Ps under which we have evaluated security vendors of all sizes around the world, are the ones that are best positioned to keep your digital resources secured in 2007. ESET has proven to be a key player in the crowded antivirus market, providing companies with high proactive detection and performance.

Rake Narang
Managing Editor of Info Security Products Guide

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