Launching our ESET Rewards Points Program


No Card Necessary!

Computer Security Solutions is now offering a rewards program to say thank you to all our customers at

This year marks our TENTH year of being a partner of ESET and we know that we would not continue to offer this product line without your support and returning business year after year!

Our new loyalty rewards points is a way to express our appreciation for the years that you have chosen to provide you the ESET products along with the other computer services we offer.

Here are the fastest and easiest ways to earn the most points:

  • Purchase a new or renew an ESET product (1 point for each full $ of sale)
  • Purchase an add on product such as Carbonite (1 point for each full $ of sale)
  • Purchase a remote Tune Up Service (1 point for each full $ of sale)
  • Create an online store account with us (100 points)
  • Your first order within our store (50 points)
  • Like us: (25 points)
  • Leave a recommendation on our Facebook page (50 points)
  • Write a review for our services/products on our website Page (25 points)


Points will be added to your account after each or any of the above are completed. Your points will be available for you to redeem on your next purchase.


Enjoy – CSS Team

ESET announcement regarding Windows XP End of Life

xpMicrosoft® recently announced that as of April 8, 2014 they will stop supporting the Windows® XP operating system. This means that next week Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, feature enhancements or technical support for Windows XP users. Without upgrades or support, XP users face an ever-increasing risk of intrusion, infection and security breaches.

At ESET®, we recognize that your customers may have ongoing business requirements that warrant the continued use of legacy systems such as XP. To support a managed and secure transition to a more current operating system, ESET confirms that we will continue to support Windows XP in our current business (and home) products through April 30, 2017.

To learn more about the implications of XP use beyond Microsoft’s patch support please see the following articles:

Should you have any questions or require additional assistance regarding the content within this email, please contact us.


Tom Berger
ESET North America

ESET Knowledgebase article on XP Support

ESET takes Virus Bulletin VB100 Award #83

ESET VB100 Win #83In December, ESET took Virus Bulletin number 83 – once again, claiming the top award from Virus Bulletin – several competitors failed for either missing threats of false positives.

This particular test took place on Windows 8.1 and there were 44 products tested – most passed and gained the coveted VB100 awards, but here are a list of those that did not pass:

Notable Failures:

  • eScan Internet Security Suite [fail = Wildlist Misses]
  • Ikarus anti.virus [fail = Wildlist Misses]
  • K7 Total Security [fail = Wildlist Misses]
  • Maya PremiumAV [fail = 14 False Positives]
  • Msecure MalwareSecure [fail = Wildlist Misses
  • Norman Security Suite 10 [fail = 1 False Positive]
  • Total Defense Internet Security Suite [fail = 1 False Positive]

Customers running Windows 8.1 can feel confident that ESET NOD32 Antivirus 7 will provide industry leading protection from malware, both new and old.

one ring scam – do NOT return that phone call…

The one ring scam - You missed a call!You may have heard of the “one ring scam” – it’s a group of scammers phoning your cell-phone, home-phone or other phone number – they let it ring once and hang up – which means the call costs them nothing, but when you return the call, you get hit with all sorts of phone charges… well some of the hype is real, some is not – learn the full details about the One Ring Scam from Computer Security Solutions!

Upgrade to the Latest Version

ESET’s upgrade policy is different from most antivirus vendors – they work on the principle that if you have a active license, you SHOULD be able to have the latest version of the software.

This means, periodically, and at a minimum when you purchase a RENEWAL for your ESET license, you should check if you have the latest version. If you do not, you can download it.

For example…. let’s say you just just renewed your ESET EndPoint Antivirus – your business antivirus… you are entitled to run the latest Endpoint Antivirus – not Endpoint Security. So – if you’re not running the latest version – please download and install it.

How to check if you’re running the latest version…

1. Open your ESET program – this can be found in your Windows Menu, All Program, ESET folder – or – right-click on the ESET icon in the system tray – and select “Open ESET Endpoint Antivirus” – the text may differ, depending on which product you have.

Open your ESET program

Open your ESET program

2. Once you have your ESET program open – select the “Help and Support” tab on the left-hand side of the screen:

Click the "About ESET Endpoint Antivirus" link in the main section of the window

Click the “About ESET Endpoint Antivirus” link in the main section of the window

3. click the “About ESET Endpoint Antivirus” link – in the “Additional Information” section of the main screen.

4. Look for the “version” number:

Look for the "Version" which will be near the top of this screen.

Look for the “Version” which will be near the top of this screen.

5. Compare this version to the latest available through our download site – if you are a major version out of date – say you’re running v6 and the latest version is v7 – we recommend planning your upgrade as soon as possible. Please note; ESET upgraded the software to offer YOU better protection and the upgrade to the latest version is FREE!

Please Note: ESET antivirus for Business may be a major version different from the Home edition – even though the same protection is present, the home + business versions have differing release schedules + version numbers!

Carbonite special until the end of the Jan 2014

For our loyal clients who value peace of mind, we’re offering Carbonite backup software at an amazing discount until the end of the year!

We have become a partner of Carbonite backup software because you told us that you needed an affordable backup solution for your home and office.

Why did we pick Carbonite?

  • Unlimited GB at a low price
  • Easy to install then Carbonite backs up your files automatically and continually
  • Unlimited backup space for photos, documents, music and more
  • Your files are encrypted and backed up safely offsite
  • Easy file recovery anytime or anywhere
  • Free support US support


You also said you wanted the backup offer without the bundle.  So for a limited time, we are offering Carbonite backup at a discount without a bundle!

We are discounting all Carbonite backup protection at 20% off MSRP until the end of January 2014 (Offer extended).

We have created you ‘quick buy links’ for Carbonite Home and  Carbonite Business below. Also available at this discount are: Carbonite HomePlus & Carbonite HomePremier and f Carbonite BusinessPremier.

Call us to discuss what your needs are and we will be happy to give you a price over the phone at no obligation  – 877-886-6332 – we’ll be happy to help you decide the best Carbonite backup solution for your backup needs!

Carbonite Home – 1 PC/Mac:

1 Year = $47.99

2 Years = $104.49

3 Years = $119.99


Carbonite Business – 250Gb: Unlimited Computers:

1 Year = $183.99

2 Years = $330.39

3 Years = $467.99

Also available – larger business plans, home plus and much, much more… call us for details: 970-744-7300

Christmas delivery virus is a scam

Phil Tenser

DENVER – A holiday-themed email scam claims your order from Costco or Walmart was canceled because of an address error, but clicking on the link inside the email triggers a download that could infect your computer.

The email seems official, but a careful eye will notice the Costco company’s logo is slightly wrong. The image inside the scam email is missing the three parallel, horizontal blue lines beside the word “Wholesale.”

The Walmart logo is also wrong. It is missing the yellow star that usually appears to the right of the company’s name.

The next sign to raise suspicion is that the email doesn’t come from a or address. The companies own their own domain names, but the scam email comes from a different address.

Inside the email, another link is hidden behind a fake order number and a link that says, “Complete this form.”

If a recipient falls for the trick and tries to correct their delivery information, the link triggers the download of a .zip file.

Several digital security blogs report that the file download contains a piece of software. 7NEWS confirmed the link triggers a download, but did not allow the download to proceed in order to protect our computer.

7NEWS will not reprint any of the URL addresses connected to the scam, to prevent facilitating the spread of the malicious software, but we did check the registration of the domain that sent the Costco email. It was registered to a man in Lake Placid, Florida. We called him and he said he was unaware this particular email address even existed within his domain.

The owner said he would call hosting service 1&1 Internet Inc. Tuesday to investigate further.

The domain that hosted the malicious download file was registered to a business in the Netherlands.

The Walmart scam email comes from a domain registered to someone in France.

Source Blog

ESET Endpoint Antivirus + ESET Endpoint Security Licenses – from 5-100 seats available online

Effective immediately, we have made available for online store purchase, ESET Endpoint Antivirus and ESET Endpoint Security – from 5 to 100 seats.

Both Endpoint Antivirus and Security are available for purchase in 1, 2 or 3 year licensing options.

ESET pricing is HYPER-AGRESSIVE in the 3-year option – where the licensing costs are just twice the 1 year option – effectively giving you the 3rd year FREE.

If you require more complex licensing, for servers, MS Exchange, or if you require pricing for ESET Educational, Non-Profit and/or Government licensing – please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re more than happy to help!

As an ESET Gold Partner since 2004 – Computer Security Solutions, through our website – has been providing superior service and sales experiences for end-users and businesses alike.

Bundle ESET protection + Carbonite Backup – save #BlackFriday through #CyberMonday

We are pleased to announce that our Carbonite bundles have dropped in price for #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday

How to Bundle ESET + Carbonite:

  1. Choose your Product – Click the link
  2. Click “Buy” to add your ESET product to your Shopping Cart
  3. On the shopping Cart, click “Add to Order” next to Carbonite
  4. Finish your order + checkout for MAXIMUM SAVINGS!

ESET NOD32 + Carbonite
Buy NOD32 with Carbonite and SAVE!

ESET Smart Security + Carbonite
Buy Smart Security with Carbonite and SAVE!

ESET CyberSecurity for Mac + Carbonite
Buy CyberSecurity for Mac with Carbonite and SAVE!

ESET Family Security for Multiple Machines + Carbonite
Buy ESET Family Security with Carbonite and SAVE!

Bundle ESET + Carbonite and SAVE

Authorized Carbonite ResellerBundle your ESET home protection with Carbonite for even bigger savings!

Add your ESET home product to your cart, then add you Carbonite license to save more… coming soon – even more Carbonite options.

If you don’t see the Carbonite protection that you need – please CALL US!! 970-744-7300 – 9-5 – Mountain Time.