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We’ve been an ESET Partner and Reseller for 13+ years. We are one of the original resellers for ESET in the USA. So why do we continue to sell their product – and – more importantly – why do we use ESET protection on our own machines here in the Computer Security Solutions Office? Choosing the best Antivirus/Anti-Malware solution for your needs is fraught with challenges. Every IT scenario is different – some have modern, superfast machines, while others might run aging PCs given to them as donations – a common scenario for non-profits. Protection needs vary – but there are a few factors we consider:
  1. How well a product detects KNOWN threats.
  2. How effectively a product detect NEW & EMERGING threats.
  3. How many system resources are used or System Impact on the user.
  4. How easy it is to INSTALL the software in your environment.
  5. How easy is it to REMOVE the software if you choose to change.
  6. Are the management tools provided by the manufacturer extra cost or included?
  7. Does the vendor charge more for Upgrades for minor/major upgrades?
  8. How honest the product vendor is in their advertising + marketing.
  9. Does the vendor have a proven and consistent track-record in protection?
  10. What % of revenue does a vendor spend on marketing vs research + development?
When we evaluate all these factors in-house. We install and use the products ourselves, we evaluate the vendor, the vendor reps, the vendor distributors and we use industry standard antivirus testing lab reports for some very in-depth technical testing criteria (like the reactive + proactive testing). There are a TON of lab reports to choose from – and we have delved deeply into the testing methodologies used by these labs. Some tests are nothing more than paid endorsements – others are fair and have solid test procedures which we trust. Some have a balances approach in one test, but not so much in another. For these reasons we weight our lab reports and the TOP TWO we use are: VirusBulletin – and AV-Comparatives – in that order. We also weight one-off passes or failures in testing against the longevity and consistency of a product. That means, a single amazingly good, or very bad test does not automatically mean we drop or rave about a product.

A quick comparison – PCMatic

Marketing hype is common in all industries – in the antivirus industry this is no different, and marketing spin might even be more prevalent than many other industries. To check out a competitor, we look at PCMatic, a product vendor that spends a LOT of money on TV commercials. So are PCMatic promising the moon and delivering, or are they pushing hype + bluster? PCMatic says it performs well in VB100 Awards – we check out the marketing claim:
Rob Cheng - Founder + CEO likes to claim that PCMatic does well in the "VB100 RAP Test"

Rob Cheng – Founder + CEO likes to claim that PCMatic does well in the “VB100 RAP Test”

First – there is no ‘VB100 RAP Test’ – the RAP Quadrant is a combination report of two tests – the Reactive And Proactive tests. When someone talks about a VB100 RAP Test, it makes us a little concerned. Do they really understand the tests, or are they spinning the results? We will see…. Virus Bulletin Results Over Time: OK – let’s take a look at the last 10 VB100 tests of PCMatic:
The Last 10 PCMatic Tests for VirusBulletin (VB100)

The Last 10 PCMatic Tests for VirusBulletin (VB100)

Results: 10 test = 5 fails, 5 VB100 Awards

Compare that to the last 10 VB100 tests of ESET:
The Last 10 ESET Tests for VirusBulletin (VB100)

The Last 10 ESET Tests for VirusBulletin (VB100)

Results: 10 tests = 0 Fails, 10 VB100 Awards

Now look closer at those results. Things to note:

  1. what is the machine impact – shown in the VB100 test as ‘system impact’ – lower scores are better. PCMatic has VERY large scores.
  2. ESET gets 10 VB100 awards in 10 test – PCMatic gets 5 and misses 5 (ie, they have 5 fails)
  3. Stability rating – ESET scores a SOLID in each test – and PCMatic scores FAIR
  4. RAP Score – the score that PCMatic even says they get 30% more than their competitors – ESET consistently scores 80-91% – PCMatic scores high 80’s to 92%. Does that look like a 30% higher score for PCMatic than their competitors? It doesn’t look that way to us.


ESET products have received solid VB100 awards since the start of testing by VirusBulletin – PCMatic has a spotty test result – failing about 50% of the tests (mostly for false positives). ESET is a solid and stable product – PCMatic is rated ‘fair’ – not exactly ‘SOLID’. PCMatic makes wild claims about their performance vs the competition – ESET is quiet and goes about the business of building better solutions in a low-key way. Have you come to realize why we don’t sell PCMatic at all?? We think the choice is clear…