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2012 has been a memorable year – perhaps not the number of massive infiltrations that we saw in 2011, but memorable all the same. Why? Because this was the year in which the prediction that mobile malware would become more than a theory – and it has. Android Malware Grows more than 4000% in a year Android malware has grown more than 4,000% in the past year. This time in 2011, it was basically proof of concept malware that was being seen – now, ESET updates often contain Android samples – in fact, about 50% of all ESET updates contain at least one Android infection! So is this surprising anyone? Certainly not us. As the mobile market exploded, so did the interest level which malware authors ran to this open operating system… much faster than the closed Macintosh OS. So what is the good news? ESET Mobile security is cheap – much cheaper than a desktop protection systems – and to make even more sense – we have included ESET mobile security in the ESET Family Packs that we offer.