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ESET VB100 Win #78In a smaller than normal Virus Bulletin test, ESET once again shone out as a winner. This round of tests only yielded one failure (avast!) – during the tests of anti-malware products for SUSE Linux. ESET was in fine company of fellow VB100 award winners this month with fellow vendors such as Kaspersky Labs and Bitdefender also taking vb100 trophies as prizes. About Virus Bulletin Virus Bulletin started in 1989 as a magazine dedicated to providing PC users with a regular source of intelligence about computer malware, prevention, detection and removal, as well as information on how to recover programs and data following an attack. VB100 certification schemes For many years, Virus Bulletin has carried out independent comparative testing of anti-malware products. The unique VB100 certification scheme is widely recognized within the industry. The VB100 award is a certification of products which meet the basic standards required to be recognised as legitimate and properly functioning anti-malware solutions. To display a VB100 logo, a product must:
  1. prove it can detect 100% of malware samples listed as ‘In the Wild’ by the WildList Organization
  2. generate no false positives when scanning an extensive test set of clean samples
All this must be done with default, out-of-the-box settings in the VB lab environment. ESET’s VB100 Award History ESET has a strong showing in the tests performed by Virus Bulletin, holding more VB100 awards than any vendor. This award is number 78!