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When you buy Carbonite from us your company's backup will be more efficient, secure and hassle-free. Consider this: Carbonite is more reliable than your external hard drive. Carbonite stores your backup on a redundant disk array (RAID) that is immeasurably more reliable than a computer's internal hard drive, or an external hard drive. The good news is that you can include your external hard drives in your Carbonite backup .... we strongly recommend that you do!
  • Carbonite is completely automatic. You don't have to remember to back up, because Carbonite never forgets. Once you install Carbonite, it works on its own, backing up your files whenever your computers are connected to the Internet.
  • Carbonite stores your files safely offsite. Offsite storage keeps your backup safe from fires, floods, theft, accidents, and anything else that can happen in your office or home.
  • Carbonite backs up wherever you go. As long as you or your staff members are connected to the Internet – Carbonite backs them up. Whether they're in the office, at home or on the road, Carbonite keeps working to keep everyone's backup up to date.
  • Carbonite makes it easy to monitor everyone's backup. A simple browser-based dashboard lets you check backup status for everyone's computer, at a glance - and monitor the backup storage levels for your company.

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