ESET NOD32 and Testimonials

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We've used multiple products from Trend Micro, McAfee, and Norton. ESET, by far, has been the fastest and easiest to use product and has given the best virus scanning results.

Techvalidate: 986-389-BAF

Joe Murray, System Administrator

As online threats complete the shift from glory-seekers wreaking havoc to today's professional criminals seeking profit, it is more important than ever to have strong defenses in place. Anti-malware products like ESET's NOD32, which include protection against viruses, spyware and rootkits, provide a good security foundation for businesses and consumers alike.

Jonathan Singer
Host based and consumer security analyst at Yankee Group

I don't give accolades like this lightly, sites must earn them. I have done business with lots of websites on the 'net, some not good in one way or another, some OK and others excellent. is easily up among the best. Why, 'cos I got excellent service, service of the highest quality. I placed my pre-order with them on a Saturday, then I visited again the ESET forum & websites. I got a little concerned at some comments made. I emailed betterantivirus with my thoughts and mentioned a refund. Greg answered my email the following day - a Sunday - outlining the situation and offered a refund if I wanted it. The email answered all my queries, Greg even offered a refund that I refused as I was more than satisfied with the answers. If only all other sites & dealers were like Greg. I want to point out that I have absolutely no connection at all with betterantivirus.

Ian McMahon (The_Nodder)
Wilders Security Forum User

Again, thanks for accommodating our needs and being so responsive, not to mention providing such an excellent product.

Jay and Bronwyn Sax
Members of the Home School Legal Defense Association

The purchasing process was quick and easy and the Technical personal support was fantastic.

Google Checkout Buyer
CyberSpace and Beyond

Thanks for the quick response. With your great products and customer service like this makes me glad I chose your company.

Michael Brown

Great customer service, excellent anti-virus software.

Jordan Booze
Plano, TX

Security is now one of the top three issues at almost every organization around the world, including at an individual level where identity thefts have increased rapidly over the past few months. Vendors that are building their success strategy based on the four pillars of strength, mainly the 4Ps under which we have evaluated security vendors of all sizes around the world, are the ones that are best positioned to keep your digital resources secured in 2007. ESET has proven to be a key player in the crowded antivirus market, providing companies with high proactive detection and performance.

Rake Narang
Managing Editor of Info Security Products Guide

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