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{tab=Overview} Latest Technology Developments
ESET TechnologyAs online threats constantly evolve, ESET researchers continually come up with the most effective tools to fight the increasing volume, diversity, and sophistication of malware. Discover what’s inside the Live Grid™ scanning engine and how ESET solutions protect you both on- and off-line.

Proactive Threat Detection
Proactive Threat DetectionRely on a security solution that constantly protects you from emerging threats. Live Grid™ technology provides ESET Virus Lab specialists with an accurate snapshot of the nature and scope of global threats. Our experts carefully analyze these threats, attack vectors and patterns, as well as fine-tune all heuristic and signature updates for a comprehensive automated malware collection system.

Interactive Comparison
Interactive ComparisonSee the ESET difference for yourself. To ensure you are making the best choice for your Internet security, use the Online Comparison Tool for a side-by-side view on how ESET security solutions stand apart from other products in the market.

Compare for Yourself
Compare for YourselfVisit this section to view graphs that demonstrate the superior performance of ESET security products. See how ESET solutions tackle some common challenges compared to other antivirus vendors.

Awards and Accolades
Compare for YourselfExperience award-winning security. Both ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus have earned an array of accolades recognizing our ability to deliver comprehensive security for home users.

{tab=ESET Technology}
eset and you - proactive - performanceTrust Our Experience With over 20 years of experience engineering security software, ESET brings you:
  • Proactive Protection – Get real-time protection from known threats and proactive protection against unknown threats with Industry-leading technology.
  • Peak Performance – Enjoy fast scanning and a low system footprint, so you won’t compromise performance for protection.
  • Simple Usability – Customize settings or create “set-and-forget” preferences to ensure ESET solutions adapt to your needs.
Written in highly optimized code, ESET solutions are recognized as the most effective antimalware scanners in the industry. Having pioneered proactive protection, ESET effectively combines several detection methods to neutralize a broad range of malware, including emerging variants.In addition to the powerful ESET ThreatSense® scanning engine, which detects and eliminates new threats before they can do any harm to your system, ESET solutions also feature a multi-layered approach to protection.
Get Proactive and Unparalleled Protection Virus Signatures – ESET technology significantly reduces the scanning time needed to identify any particular form of malware. Timely and automatic updates keep safe from the latest threats. Code Analysis – ESET solutions enhance detection by analyzing files for any resemblance to known malicious code samples before virus signatures can be developed.  
Generic Signatures – ESET analysts develop generic signatures of malicious code to identify a broad range of malware – including variants – using one sample instead of hundreds of individual samples provide faster protection. Emulation – Suspect code is monitored and quarantined to an isolated environment. Based on the code’s behavior, ThreatSense® then determines whether the given sample poses a threat and flags or eliminates the harmful applications before it can cause any damage. {tab=Live Grid&™}
Live Grid
The Live Grid™ Early Warning System collects data that ESET users have submitted worldwide and sends it to ESET’s Virus Lab. ESET Virus Lab specialists then use the information to build an accurate snapshot of the nature and scope of global threats in order to release relevant updates to our virus signature database, keeping ESET adaptive to the latest threats. ESET carefully analyzes threats, attack vectors, and patterns to perfect all heuristic and signature updates – protecting you from emerging threats. All scanning engine updates are small in size and quickly sent to ESET users worldwide for comprehensive malware detection without slowing down your system.
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