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ESET Business Support FAQs

ESET Business Support FAQs

What is ESET Remote Administrator?

ESET Remote Administrator enables you to manage ESET endpoint, server and mobile business products across your network — whether large or small — effectively and efficiently. Oversee your entire network of workstations, servers and smartphones, all from a single location. The built-in task management system enables timely responses to malware incidents. Update signature databases, run reports, and enforce consistent security policies with ease across your entire network. ESET Remote Administrator comes free with the ESET endpoint, server and mobile business products.

Can ESET help with IT Security for HIPAA and HITECH EHR Compliance?

ESET Security and Better Patient Care Go Hand-in-Hand Deadlines for HIPAA and HITECH are approaching fast. Whether you are racing to qualify for Electronic Health Records (EHR) Meaningful Use incentives, are a HIPAA-covered entity or one of the thousands of businesses now subject to regulation, ESET can help. When you add easy-to-implement-and-manage ESET security to your network, you remove the worries. Our solutions handle the major issues of HIPAA and HITECH compliance, balance patient privacy with clinician access and protect against malware to keep your systems running. In short, you can focus less on security issues and more on initiatives that contribute directly to patient care

Can ESET Solutions help with Compliance for the Finance Industry?

ESET Security Supports Your Compliance Efforts Compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS and GLBA are part of doing business, but they are not why you’re in business. Work with ESET and one of our reseller partners for an easy-to-manage, easy-to-implement security solution that handles the compliance issues, maximizes uptime to keep your business running and frees your time to focus on better serving your customers. A multifaceted approach to security protects both your customers’ personal data and the reputation of your business. It guards against unauthorized access, secures private data and prevents intrusions and breaches that can lead to costly downtime. By maximizing your uptime, ESET lets you focus on what matters—your customers.

What can ESET Solutions for Education provide?

ESET Security Provides Value and Versatility From K-12 districts to universities, educational institutions have unique needs related to IT, business continuity and security—not to mention limited budgets. So whether you’re supporting legacy operating systems and aging computers, implementing Common Core State Standards (CCSS), creating digital learning environments or serving a tech-savvy, BYOD university crowd, ESET solutions and Computer Security Solutions can help you.

Upgrading to ESET Business v6

Upgrading to ESET Business Products v6 requires you to upgrade you Username+Password to an Activation/License Key, then to upgrade your ESET Remote Administrator to version 6.

Why is the ESET download page in a foreign language?

The ESET download page uses a ‘smart location detection’ to try and give you the correct page for your location. Sometimes the detection is not so smart and gets the wrong location – or – it can default back to Slovakian. Either way, if you get a page you cannot read the page, look for the language selector in the top-right of the page. Click the name of the language they are showing you, and select the region and language which are more appropriate for your download. On the left you will see ‘Americas’ – click that, and you should be able to select ‘United States and Canada’. Alternatively – select this direct download link: ESET US Download. Second altnerative: we maintain a list of the main ESET downloads on our BetterAntivirus Downloads Page.

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