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ESET Cybersecurity for Mac FAQs

ESET Cybersecurity for Mac

I have a MAC – I thought I didn’t need protection.

Think again… you have been thinking differently all these years with your MAC but times they are a changing! You do need to protect your Macintosh ESET CYBER SECURITY Adds a layer of fast and powerful protection to your Mac® so you can confidently explore, create and play online without compromising your Mac experience. New Anti-Phishing module safeguards you from fake websites trying to acquire your personal information. Social Media Scanner extends your security to Facebook® and Twitter®, protecting you against malicious content. Protect your MAC now

Why is the ESET download page in a foreign language?

The ESET download page uses a ‘smart location detection’ to try and give you the correct page for your location. Sometimes the detection is not so smart and gets the wrong location – or – it can default back to Slovakian. Either way, if you get a page you cannot read the page, look for the language selector in the top-right of the page. Click the name of the language they are showing you, and select the region and language which are more appropriate for your download. On the left you will see ‘Americas’ – click that, and you should be able to select ‘United States and Canada’. Alternatively – select this direct download link: ESET US Download. Second altnerative: we maintain a list of the main ESET downloads on our BetterAntivirus Downloads Page.

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